Adinkra Snowflake Ornaments (set of 6)

$ 39.95 


Adinkra Snowflake Ornaments (set of 6). Our Adinkra symbol ornaments will be perfect for the Christmas holidays and for Kwanzaa. They're made of brass and come with a hanging string and ready for display. 

The symbols include: 

- Gye Nyame: symbolizes the supremacy and power of God

- Sankofa: learn from the past to improve your future

- Dame Dame: symbol of intelligence and ingenuity

- Besa Saka: symbol of power and influence

- Dwennimmen: symbol of humility and strength

- Nyame Dua: symbol of God's presence and protection

  • size: 3.5" x 3.5"
  • material: brass
  • set of 6 ornaments with hanging strings
  • presented in a protective velvet pouch