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African American Movies

Classics From The 1970's & 80's


The VHS versions of most of these movies are no longer available. We are in the process of getting them all on DVD. The only ones available on VHS have the "Buy Me" button beneath it. The rest of them will be available on DVD within the next few weeks.


"The Mack"
Max Julien and  Richard Pryor
  "Super Fly"
Ron O'Neal  and Carl Lee

Max Julien is Goldie, the original Mack Daddy, whose dream is to rule the streets with a fine Cadillac and a fleet of topnotch hookers.



BTmovieSuperfly.gif (21785 bytes)

Legendary film about a Harlem drug dealer that wants to make one last deal and quit. But of course, "The Man" won't let him.




"Cooley High"
Glynn Thurman and 
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs
  "Cotton Comes To Harlem"
Redd Foxx and Cleavon Little

A classic film that takes a  fun look back on life in Chicago in the early 1960's. Great acting and a dynamite soundtrack by Motown recording artists. 


Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones are local cops that accuse a neighborhood minister of swindling the local citizens.




"Shaft (1971 Original)"
Richard Roundtree 
Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams

Roundtree in his classic role as private eye Shaft. In this 1971 original he battles the bad guys to rescue a kidnapped woman. 



Dramatic and touching love story about a high fashion model and the Chicago politician that falls in love with her.




"Let's Do It Again"
Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier
  "A Piece Of The Action"
Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier

A couple of lodge brothers hit the local lottery but the local gangsters step in and try to muscle it away. 


Bill and Sidney team up again as small-time hoods who are given a choice of: prison or team up with social workers to help kids.




"Uptown Saturday Night"
Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier
  "Which Way Is Up"
Richard Pryor and Lonette Mckee

All star cast of characters hot on the trail of stolen money. Also starring Richard Pryor, & Flip Wilson.


Richard Pryor plays three roles in this hilarious comedy. He's a sex-starved farm worker, a hypocritical preacher and an old geezer.





Irene Cara and Lonette Mckee
  "Car Wash"
Richard Pryor and Franklin Ajaye

A touching story of a Supremes-like girl group that rises to fame in the 1960's Motown era. Great soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield.


There are plenty of laughs and music in this comedy about a typical day at a Los Angeles carwash. It features a gallery of guest stars.





Amos and Andy Video Collection
30 Videos/60 Episodes

Amos and Andy certainly predated the 1970's but this series was a groundbreaker. It may be controversial today but it was and still is a funny show.

You'll get 60 episodes on 30 VHS tapes, which is almost all of the 71 episodes that were originally produced. This is a collectors item that probably won't be around very long, so get your today.






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