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Our African American calendars with religious and inspirational images will motivate, encourage, and inspire all year long. This African American inspirational calendars include: Walking By Faith, Mold Me Make Me, Sisters, Inspiration, Too Blessed To Be Stressed, Sunday Morning, Angels, Total Praise, Inspiration, Girlfriends, Lifted Up, Soul Circle.




Mold Me Make Me
2014 - wall calendar

God has a plan and a purpose for our lives. It is a plan that for the most part is unknown to us, but we must trust that our heavenly Father has our best interest in mind. As a result, we must surrender to the hands of the Holy Potter and have him shape and mold us into the image of Christ.

Mold Me Make Me - calendar - 2014




Walking By Faith

2014 - wall calendar

The premise for this years Walking by Faith calendar is the Apostle Paul's admonishment to the Christian church in 2 Corinthians 4:7, in which he encourages Gods people to walk by faith and not by sight. Brimming with poignant images and stirring truths from the Word of God, this beautiful calendar reminds us to lean not upon our own understanding.

Walking By Faith - calendar - 2014





Total Praise

2014 - wall calendar

These beautiful women poised so dramatically in this years Total Praise calendar are sanctified and called to the liturgical dance ministry. They are dedicated to interpreting the gospel through their talent in praise on canvas. Each month these gifted women of God will delight you with their artistic poses and colorful costumes. Our prayer, as they share the gift of praise dance is that people will be blessed throughout the world as they enjoy this calendar.

Total Praise - calendar - 2014




Too Blessed To Be Stressed
2014 - wall calendar

Life is too precious to be wasted, and artist Dorothy Allen paints this message into each and every piece of her quirky artwork. Vivid colors, lively movement, and the celebratory attitude of the African American church characterize every image and seem to jump off of every page. Over the past few years, the harsh realities of life have at times overshadowed the many blessings we have received. This years calendar features whimsical and inspirational images that remind us to celebrate our blessings and trust our faith.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed - calendar - 2014




Sunday Morning

2014 - wall calendar

The tradition of adorning one's head for church goes back to Black Americans' African ancestry and worship. The hat coordinated with the garment speaks volumes of the individual for that day! Each page is overflowing with class and style as the women charmingly display grace on each page of this years Sunday Morning calendar.

Sunday Morning - calendar - 2014





2014 - wall calendar

Sistah's worldwide rejoice in your Sistahhood with the new 2014 Girlfriends calendar. Cidne Wallace continues to encourage and strengthen us with her savvy, divine, soulful wisdom. Each month features a colorful image along with an uplifting message. The calendar has been so popular it has inspired a line of magnets, planners, and mugs.

Girlfriends - calendar - 2014





Tender Moments
2014 - wall calendar

It is the fleeting moments of life that we often take for granted playing make-believe and dress-up or using the potty for the first time. This years Tender Moments calendar is a sweet celebration of childhood, depicting the playful innocence of imagination and capturing these moments just the way we remember them.

Tender Moments - calendar - 2014






2014 - wall calendar

The 2014 Sisters calendar continues with its inspiring eighth annual edition. This years calendar honors the beauty and strength of African American women through exquisite art by international artist Carlos Martin and inspiring quotes by Carole Joy.

Sisters - calendar - 2014








2014 - wall calendar

It is no mystery why stories of Angels are so pervasive in our popular culture. Their breathtaking beauty coupled with their undying love for God's most coveted creation, mankind has captivated the searching mind for centuries.

Angels - calendar - 2014








2014 - wall calendar

In this calendar, Carole Joy, one of the nation's most inspiring writers, shares some of her thoughts for achieving inner peace as we strive for success. You are unique and wonderful. Appreciate your inner strength, your talents and convictions with words of inspiration and messages of encouragement every month.

Inspiration - calendar - 2014








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